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    Profiled Automocking with JustMock

    Profiled Automocking is here! Check out the latest from JustMock with this hot new feature in the 2013 Q1 release.
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    Amp Up Your Visual Studio Productivity

    Check out all the great new features in the Just family: You’ll learn about LESS support and improved handling of code analysis errors and warnings in JustCode, additional automocking power with JustMock, an enhanced Visual Studio experience in JustTrace, and the greatly improved decompilation and a new plugin manager in JustDecompile. This post from the Q1 2013 webinar includes the video, slide deck, and answers to questions asked by attendees.
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    Automocking with JustMock

    Auto mocking containers are designed to reduce the friction of keeping unit test beds in sync with the code being tested as systems are updated and evolve over time. Read how JustMock helps with automocking.
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    Handling Arguments in JustMock Arrangements

    Mocking is all about making it easy to isolate the system under test in unit tests. In non profiled mocking, this is typically done by creating a proxy for an interface, and arranging the methods that will be called on the proxy. Mocking frameworks like JustMock determine matching calls not only based on the method signature, but also by the values of the arguments passed into the method. JustMock provides many mechanism to tune how the matching is done.
    February 21, 2013
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    KickStart Your .NET Mocking

    Getting started with mocking can be hard. In this article, I describe the path that I took on my way to becoming a frequent mocker.
    February 04, 2013