• Mobile Testing

    Introducing the Telerik Control Panel

    Are you tired of clicking around to find that installer you swear you downloaded last week, only to give up and download it again? Are you annoyed by popup reminders, but turning them off means you may forget to update your controls? Well, worry no more! We’ve made it easier than ever to install and update your favorite Telerik products with the brand new Telerik Control Panel. Getting Started To get started, download the Telerik Control Panel from telerik.com by visiting your account page. The option to download and install the Control Panel is front and center on the page. You can find...
    July 16, 2012
  • .NET

    How To: Run an installer as administrator with logging enabled

    Tired of enabling installer packages with User Account Control turned on? Miss the right-click & Run as Administrator command on MSI files? Want to easily run each installer with logging enabled? At least I was. Here is a quick way to add a Run As Administrator With Log command to msi files (inspired by David Ebbo’s post ): All we need is modify the MSI.Package class definition in the registry. The first step is to add a “runas” shell entry. This allows the command to automatically be run as administrator. The next step is defining a command to be executed. This is the...
    April 12, 2011
  • .NET

    Two steps installation

    1st click, 2nd click and you are ready to go. These are the steps required to install any Telerik product as of the Q1 2011 release. The idea behind this change is to provide better user experience during installation. To achieve this we have minimized the steps that you have to perform when installing any Telerik product while at the same time we have left the same flexibility to customize what is installed. Let me introduce the new installation workflow: Step 1 On the first dialog you can read the license agreement of the product if you click the Read License Agreement button. By continuing...
    March 21, 2011
  • .NET Mobile

    The New RadControls Installer

    We have been using the same old installer for a very long time. The reason for that is very simple - because it worked. However, with the release of the new RadControls for ASP.NET Ajax suite we felt that it is time for a change. The people who tried our new futures build for Q1 2008 already know what I am talking about - the Prometheus controls come with a totally redesigned installation experience. There were two main issues we wanted to address - install/uninstall speed and the look & feel of the installation wizard. I am happy to say that we achieved...
    March 31, 2008