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    Ship Quickly, Ship Quality: The Developer’s Quest

    KendoUI developer quest infographic
    The recently released 2017 Stack Overflow Developer Survey unearthed a ton of intriguing information about the developer community. The Kendo UI team saw these results through our own prism: all evidence suggests that being a developer is like being the brave hero on a daring quest!
    March 30, 2017
  • Cloud Mobile

    26 Essential Metrics for Successful Mobile Apps

    To make your mobile app a success, you need to constantly improve it. In fact, Gartner suggests a release cycle of 1.5 - 2 months for mobile apps. So how should you identify which parts of your app to improve? For this, application analytics are a must. This infographic called "26 Essential Metrics for Successful Mobile Apps" lists the questions every developer should be able to answer so they can create superstar apps. Armed with the answers to these questions -- plus proper marketing, of course -- every developer should be able to make successful apps.
    June 03, 2014