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    Taming IE In The Name Of Web Standards

    Examining Google Analytics traffic to the kendoui.com homepage revealed some very interesting trends in what browsers and browser versions people are using. It also brings up some important quirks with IE that can cause a browser to use legacy rendering even when you have a later version of IE installed.
    August 20, 2013
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    Hello HTML5

    This is the third module in the ongoing course HTML5 Development For ASP.NET Developers This module will cover HTML5 as a broad topic. Up until now, this course has not really touched on any actual HTML5 development, but has laid the groundwork for learning HTML5. ...
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    IE10: The Next IE6?

    Let me be very clear: IE10 is a great browser. Genuinely. For all of its missteps with Internet Explorer over the years, Microsoft takes one giant step with IE10 towards finally feeling like a proper, modern, HTML5-ready browser. Of course, it won’t fully close the “HTML5 gap”...
    April 05, 2012