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    How to load 1M+ records in Telerik’s ASP.NET Grid without Compromising Performance

    The latest release of Telerik’s ASP.NET AJAX controls (Q3 2013) shipped the so famous virtualization feature in our almighty ASP.NET DataGrid allowing you to load hundreds of thousands of records without compromising performance. Another goal for this functionality was to replace the previous Virtual Scrolling and Paging features which were a great example but did not deliver the full user experience that a virtualization mechanism could deliver.
    November 12, 2013
  • .NET

    RadGridView for WinForms gets an Expression Editor in Q2 2011

    Q2 2011 is approaching and along with the other new controls and features that we are going to provide, we are going to equip RadGridView with an Expression Editor. This powerful editor will allow you to build complex expressions using a simple Domain Specific Language, reminiscent of formulas in many popular spreadsheet applications. It will be supported at both design time and run time.  No matter whether you want to build expressions from scratch or select one of the prebuilt functions, RadExpressionEditor will provide a convenient means to do that. It will contain a selectable list of functions, operators, constants and fields....
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    Explained: RadGridView for WinForms virtualization and its implications. The case with CellElement and RowElement

    As the Logical vs. Visual Grid Structure help article states, RadGridView for WinForms uses virtualization for its cells/rows and as of Q2 2010 there is column virtualization as well. What is virtualization? To put it simply, when you bind RadGridView to a DataTable with 1000 rows, you get 1000 data row objects created in RadGridView (of type GridViewDataRowInfo). However, not all data row objects can be visible at the same time in the RadGridView estate in your application. This is why only the visual rows that can be shown in the estate get created (these visual rows are of type GridDataRowElement), or about...
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    GridView in ComboBox with RadControls for Silverlight

    Recently we received several requests for an example, demonstrating how to put a virtualized GridView in a ComboBox popup. The best way to do this in my opinion is to replace the ItemsPresenter of the ComboBox with a GridView. There is some plumbing that has to be done, but I managed to separate it in two attached behaviors. The original idea is described in my blog post for TreeView in ComboBox which I recently updated with the latest control template of RadComboBox for Silverlight. The principle is exactly the same with RadGridView and it should work with very minor adjustments with...
    May 18, 2009