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    Git Started With Github in Mist

    Source control is a tremendously important thing in software development. It provides backups and versioning of your code. It allows you to collaborate with other developers on your team. It lets you store things related to the project. It can be tied in to your build and deploy process, and much more. It generally makes development life easier by facilitating many of the activities that are critical to coding, building and deploying software. It should be no surprise, then, that the recent wave of online IDEs would provide source control integration. And Icenium Mist is no exception to this. The Mist IDE has some great integration setup with git, allowing you to connect to any git repository that is accessible via the internet, including GitHub integration.
    December 19, 2013
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    Source Control Options With Icenium

    In this post Steve Tsokev discusses how you can use various git providers with Icenium, and hints at some big news we have coming very soon on Icenium and Visual Studio working together...
    September 17, 2013