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    How to Build a Picture Gallery app for Windows Phone - Part 3

    In this last part of the Picture Gallery blog series, we will discuss how the app handles errors and how RadControls for Windows Phone improved the development experience. In case you missed the previous two posts, they can be found here and here. Handling exceptions No application is complete without proper error handling. To be robust the application should handle the expected exceptions in a meaningful way or crash noisily when an unexpected error occurs. In the Picture Gallery app there are a few situations that should be expected.  The first and most important condition that we need to verify on app startup is whether...
    October 01, 2012
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    How to Build a Picture Gallery app for Windows Phone - Part 2

    In this second part of the picture gallery blog series we'll discuss how information is being passed between pages and how favorites are persisted to the phone's flash memory. If you haven't read the first part of this blog series, be sure to also check out the first part as well. Passing state When navigating between pages we need a mechanism to tell the new page what it will be visualizing. There are two ways to achieve this. One is to pass information between pages as parts of the query string in the page’s Uri. This is a rather limited approach and in...
    September 20, 2012
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    Gauges design-time gallery for Windows Phone

    The Beta 2 release of our Windows Phone controls is here, it brings a bag of improvements to the existing controls and one of these improvements is a design-time gallery for the gauges. The need for a design-time gallery arose when we were creating the examples in our QSF application. It turned out that creating a full gauge design was more tedious than it looked at first. The gauges have a lot of functionality to tweak and this directly translates to a lot of XAML. After the first two or three implemented designs we thought "Oh my, we have to do something about writing...