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    JustCode formatter versus Visual Studio formatter

    In one of our previous blog posts, covering JustCode formatter and code style options, we began looking at one of JustCode's great code formatting features. In this post we will make a comparison to the Visual Studio formatter and give a more detailed explanation of JustCode Code Style settings. JustCode formatter compared to VS formatter The JustCode formatter can be executed for the whole solution, a project, all files in a given directory, a single file, and user selection. It is also used internally when JustCode generates code for you. Code Cleaner, another great feature of JustCode, has a cleaning step to execute the...
    March 06, 2012
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    JustCode formatter – Introduction

    The formatter in Telerik JustCode is one of its many great features. Its main goal is to let you define and enforce your code style across your projects. It is a very important part of the product as it is used in many other places as well (for example typing assistance and refactorings). Configuration The JustCode formatter is very configurable. You can find its options in the Code Style section of the JustCode options dialog: You can also configure JustCode to share the Code Style options per solution. To do that, go to the Options Sharing page in the Options. Supported languages As shown on the image...
    January 10, 2012