• .NET Desktop

    The Telerik WinForms Suite Boasts RadAutoCompleteBox

    Q2 2012 is coming close, so we decided that it’s time to gear you up for all the great goodies that are on their way. Today, we are going to show off one highly requested control in our Public Issue Tracker. As we are the first component vendor to introduce such a control in our WinForms suite and there are no established standards, we had some doubts about the name of the control. However, this is now out of question and here it is: RadAutoCompleteBox. So, what exactly is RadAutoCompleteBox? RadAutoCompleteBox allows you to easily fill-in tokens of text in a...
  • .NET Mobile

    Share your ASP.NET AJAX Pages with Social Networks

    Almost everyone is on some sort of social network nowadays. It’s not just limited to tech-savvy individuals anymore. Even my grandmother, who has a difficult time finding the computer's ON button at times, has figured out how to sync up with me via social networks. With this amount of popularity, of course you want to allow your users to be able to share pages from your ASP.NET AJAX application with networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Thankfully, our new ASP.NET AJAX control, RadSocialShare, makes this sharing a breeze. I know you’re eager to have one of those Like buttons...
    December 06, 2011
  • .NET Desktop

    RadDragAndDropManager - What's in a Drag Cue?

    Every once in a while a customer will come to us and ask about a particular piece of functionality in one of the RadControls for Silverlight or RadControls for WPF that isn't covered in the demos, documentation, or videos. Just this week, one of the fans on our Telerik Facebook page did just that - specifically asking whether you could use a certain type of layout panel for the drag cue of RadDragAndDropManager.  Normally in a case like this, I want to say "Yeah, it's just a DataTemplate in Silverlight/WPF, so you could do almost anything there!" But we're developers, and code speaks...
    April 15, 2011