• .NET Fiddler

    Building Fiddler Importers

    Learn how to build your own Fiddler importers with this simple guide.
  • .NET Mobile

    Using an external library for the export to PDF functionality in Telerik’s ASP.NET Editor

    Q1 2013 brings an entirely refactored export functionality in RadEditor – you can now plug external libraries to do the HTML to other format conversion. Read on for an example and stay tuned for more samples that will come in the next posts in the series.
  • .NET

    The LOB Chronicles Episode 13: Extending RadScheduleView

    The last time we all got together we were discussing some of the options available to us while utilizing RadGridView. Utilizing built-in functionality we could easily add pre-defined grouping to our grid as well as set custom cell styles and rules for what template will display, all without leaving our Xaml. This week, we’re going to look at another major control that is being utilized in the CRM demo to help keep track of activities – RadScheduleView. This control is used across the modules of the application for activities display, plus due to the architecture of the...
    November 04, 2011
  • .NET Desktop

    WinForms Q1 2010 BETA -- NOW AVAILABLE

    It is our pleasure to announce the immediate availability of the Q1 2010 BETA of RadControls for WinForms. The downloads are now available in your account (or free trials) - look for the "Q1 2010 Beta Available" link under the RadControls for WinForms section.   Among the highlights are: New and improved Visual Style Builder. Check out the blog and the video; download the documentation New Timeline view for RadScheduler for WinForms New Visual Studio Extensions Visual Studio 2010 RC Support See full Beta details and check the release notes. We will expect your feedback through the RadControls for WinForms Beta Forum!...
    February 18, 2010