• .NET

    Exporting Telerik Reports to PowerPoint Presentation (Q1 2011)

    One of the greatest new features in Telerik Reporting Q1 2011 is the PowerPoint Presentation Rendering Extension, which produces a PowerPoint Presentation file from any Telerik report. The new rendering extension is part of the newly introduced support for the Office Open XML standard which meets “the new workplace challenges that include easily moving data between disparate applications, and allowing users to glean business insight from that data." (Source: MSDN). Supporting the Office Open XML standard also means that Telerik Reporting can export its reports not only to Microsoft Office PowerPoint, but to Word, and Excel 2007/2010. The native Office Open XML support means that any document suite,...
    March 25, 2011
  • .NET Desktop

    WPF / Silverlight: How-to improve user experience when placing RadChart in a container that changes size rapidly on user demand

    I must admit that coming up with a meaningful and relatively short title was really hard this time. Anyway, here is the scenario: You have a page layout with Grid panel with several cells and one of the cells is occupied by a RadChart control instance. Your requirements indicate that the grid layout should be flexible so you have placed several grid splitters in your panel as well. Soon enough, one of your QAs decides to play around with the GridSplitter and notices that the application slows down and becomes irresponsive (and can even crash) when the splitter is dragged around...
    February 19, 2010