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    How to Customize Telerik's ASP.NET PivotGrid Cells Using the Built-in Templates

    Wondering how to customize the cells of RadPivotGrid? Read the full story about the recently-introduced template support to find out.
    March 19, 2013
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    Some insight on the Telerik Weather Station application

    We have recently uploaded the Weather Station demo showing some of Telerik controls for Silverlight in a great rich context. Following Kalin’s blog post announcing the main features, this one is to provide some notes on the technical side of the matter. Here is a list of the main features: Find client’s location upon startup and retrieve weather information if available. Store current locations and favorite ones in the local storage for proper loading on next startup of the application. Use two formats for weather values - Celsius and Fahrenheit. Search for custom location. Display brief location information (on smaller zoom levels) as well as...
    November 26, 2010
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    How to: Telerik’s TabControl for Silverlight

    Let’s go through implementing several scenarios for the TabControl with quick, short explanations:    1. How to databind the TabControl?    2. How to enable drag-rearrange of items?    3. How to animate rearranging items?    4. How to add a Close Button to the TabItems using a Command?    5. How to animate content changes?    6. How to add a “New Tab” button when databound?    7. How to animate item add / removes? Here is the end result:    And the demo project with everything included: And of course the details, in short - How to databind the TabControl? The TabControl is a standard ItemsControl and can be databound to...
    September 28, 2010
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    How To: Display RadGridView Row Details with RadWindow for Silverlight

    In one of my previous blog posts I have explained how to display hierarchical data with Row Details. Now, if you are familiar with Row Details features, you know that you are not limited to showing the details inside RadGridView. You can show them anywhere by using the handy external DetailsPresenter. As a matter of fact, each GridViewRow has one of those DetailsPresenter’s inside its template. So you will be using the same class that we are using internally to show the details of each single row. The documentation states that in order to display Row Details outside RadGridView, you need to place...
    December 11, 2009
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    Silverlight DragDrop Hello (Real) World Application

    A Most Interesting Hello (Real) World Application Sometimes you can get away with a small application to show off some features. But dragging rectangles around is just not enough. You need a TreeView, you need a GridView, ListBox and a good user feedback. Why not place everything in a Docking Control? Some examples of DragDrop can be a bit unrealistic. You do not always have your elements defined in XAML. You cannot always have a reference to the containers you want to drag/drop. So we need to go a bit more real-world. What I tried to do is create a simple application that...