• .NET Desktop

    RadDragAndDropManager - What's in a Drag Cue?

    Every once in a while a customer will come to us and ask about a particular piece of functionality in one of the RadControls for Silverlight or RadControls for WPF that isn't covered in the demos, documentation, or videos. Just this week, one of the fans on our Telerik Facebook page did just that - specifically asking whether you could use a certain type of layout panel for the drag cue of RadDragAndDropManager.  Normally in a case like this, I want to say "Yeah, it's just a DataTemplate in Silverlight/WPF, so you could do almost anything there!" But we're developers, and code speaks...
    April 15, 2011
  • .NET

    Drag and drop items onto RadScheduler for Silverlight

    We all are aware that users tend to look for the easiest and most rational way to do something. That is why developers always strive to create their products' interface as intuitive as possible. Speaking in this context, dragging and dropping helps us improve user experience significantly and make end users happier. In this blog post I will explain how we can use RadDragAndDrop to enable users drag items from a certain control and drop them over RadScheduler, while notifying about that. Of course, the described scenario could be extended to act in many different scenarios. Let us say we will drag items from a listbox to...
  • .NET JavaScript

    RadDrag&Drop with a Canvas twist

    A week or so ago I was giving a small presentation and one of the people in the audience had a great question.  They had this old configuration section on their website for laying out something or other that had a lot of different options which could be dragged and dropped using some client-side javascript, but they are looking to move on up to Silverlight and the RadDragAndDropManager seemed to be the perfect candidate for the job.  The only issue with that is the only examples we have online show moving items to and from collections, but in their case...
    August 18, 2009