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    dotNetRegister: Requirements

    Before we can begin any serious coding of the recently introduced "dotNetRegister" reference app, we need to define some some requirements. As with any good agile development effort, I want to create a backlog of features that need to be implemented and then prioritize development from there. I even intend to work on this application in sprints, though clearly, as a part time project, I don't expect to have a stellar burn-down rate. ASIDE: If any of these agile terms- like backlog, sprint, or burn-down rate- are unfamiliar to you, I highly encourage you to spend a little time becoming more...
    August 26, 2008
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    dotNet Register: An Intro

    One of the tasks that has been on my "to do" list for quite some time now is to build a big, real world-ish application that not only provides value to the community but also shows-off a lot of the RadControls in action. It's a big task and one that's especially hard to tackle when traveling about the world to speak and preparing smaller demos that work well in "small bites." But I'm putting my foot down and committing to begin work on this big project now! The goal of my "big project"- which, by the way, still needs a...
    August 01, 2008