• .NET Desktop

    Telerik R1 '18 Brings Many New Features to WPF File Dialogs

    Telerik R1 18 Brings Many New Features to WPF FileDialogs_270x123 (1)
    In the R1'18 Release of Telerik UI for WPF, we've got a lot of powerful new features and upgrades coming to the File Dialogs.
    January 29, 2018
  • JavaScript Kendo UI Web

    Kendo UI for jQuery (R3 2016) ​

    Kendo UI for jQuery (R3 2016)_870x220
    On September 14th we released Kendo UI for jQuery 2016.3.914. This is still the same Kendo UI suite you know and love. We just renamed it in order to avoid confusion with the newly published Kendo UI for Angular 2. The release is densely packed with feature improvements and bug fixes. We also squeezed in two new widgets - the Dialog and the Media Player.
    September 29, 2016
  • .NET Desktop

    RadMessageBox for WinForms

    Hello folks. I am sure all of us are enjoying with Telerik’s good looking and reach theming mechanism for WinForms. But in every application there is a need for user interaction and very often it uses some type of question or message to guide the user what he is supposed to do.   I am sure that you have used the default WinForms MessageBox class and its Show method  The standard appearance of this message box, however, does not fit nicely in the slick design of an application built with RadControls for WinForms, and I know how boring it is to implement your own...
    December 11, 2008