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    How to display data from different tables using one data source

    In many cases our customers that use Telerik OpenAccess ORM face the need to rapidly change the source table from which they are displaying data. For example you can have a RadGrid filled with customers on the start of your application and whenever a certain customer is selected you can change the displayed data in the grid with the Orders for the given customer (note that in such case the data will be taken from two different tables – Customers and Orders). But do you need two datasource controls to do this? The simple answer is NO. You can achieve this...
    October 26, 2009
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    How to map references and collections – Part 1

    The references in the object model and the references in the database schema can be defined in several ways. The definitions are following different idioms and it is not straight forward how a mapping can be defined. In the database schema you have the foreign key reference; in the object model you have single references, collections and dictionaries. Let’s look at a simple schema in the database, the Persons table has a foreign key reference to the Addresses table. There are now 3 ways to map this in OpenAccess. 1. You can map it to a reference field which is the...
    October 22, 2009
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    LINQ tip of the week: Upcoming System.Math support

    Continuing with the LINQ tips, today we provide a list of System.Math methods that we are going to support with the upcoming Q3 release. The following table shows the supported methods; when no indication is given, all the overloaded (double,decimal,...) versions will work. Abs Min Max Acos, Asin, Atan, Atan2 Cos,Sin,Tan Cosh, Sinh, Tanh Sqrt Power Trunc Exp Log(double) Log10 Ceil Floor Round (*) Sign   (*) Only the Round(double) and Round(x,y) methods where y!=MidpointRounding are supported.   That means, you can push now many more calculations to the database server. Be aware however, that using the database server engine might produce different results than would be calculated when the CLR is used; e.g....
    October 20, 2009
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    Migrating data from one database server to another

    In today’s post we are going to discuss a topic which is known to be fairly complex in most cases but it is relevantly easy to be achieved with Telerik OpenAccess ORM. Let us consider the following scenario: your company decides to move your data access from one database server to another.  So you have your database in a MSSQL Server instance  and want to migrate to MySql. The schema is the same on both servers but the data resides inside  the MSSQL Server instance. What follows is the easiest way to move all the data from the MSSQL server database to...
    October 16, 2009
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    Binding Hierarchical RadGrid with Telerik OpenAccess ORM

    It is quite often that different customers eventually face the need to use a master-detail hierarchical representation of their data. However most customers are not aware that this is extremely easily achievable using Telerik OpenAccess ORM together with our RadGrid. Furthermore it is achieved without writing ANY code in the code behind file of your project. Now let’s get to the job! What will be needed is just one RadGrid and two OpenAccessDataSource controls. The two data source controls will be used to query data from the master and detail tables. In our case we used the Company and Employee tables(one company has many...
    September 30, 2009