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    Dynamic filter expressions in an OpenAccess LINQ query

    We had some support questions recently where  our customers had the need to combine multiple smaller predicate expressions with either an OR or an AND (these will be the || and && operators if you are using C#) logical operator. And because the code from the answer that we sent to these customers is very interesting and can easily be refactored into something reusable we decided to write this blog post. The key thing that one must know is that if you want your predicate to be translated by OpenAccess ORM to SQL and executed on the server...
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    Updated “OpenAccess Made Easy” guide available for download

    Many of our customers are probably aware of the “OpenAccess Made Easy” guide that we have for OpenAccess ORM. However, as good as this guide is, like any other thing it has its problems. Since the guide was released, many of our customers have reported issues with it like inconsistencies with the latest version of the product, little errors in the content, etc. We want to use the opportunity to thank all people that reported issues or suggested improvements for the guide. We are glad to let you know that an updated OpenAccess Made Easy guide is now available for...
    April 07, 2010
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    Demystifying the new OpenAccessContext Object

    Today we had a great turn out for the Q1 2010 What’s New in OpenAccess, and JustCode webinar.  However, we got a great deal of questions at the end so I am going to do my best to cover all of these questions here on my blog :)  This entry will aim to better explain the context object you saw me use in the webinar, and hopefully clarify a few things for everyone.  The first couple of question I want to answer are below. 1. So are we basically throwing out the old way of OpenAccessing data?....don't need to create scopes,...
    March 13, 2010
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    Building Real Applications with Telerik MVC & OpenAccess – Building the DAL

    In this blog post we will create a simple data access layer that allows our UI to interact with our data.
    February 15, 2010
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    Building Real Applications with Telerik MVC & OpenAccess – Building the Model

    Using OpenAccess Forward Mapping really allows you to focus on building a strong model, rather than getting caught up in the persistence details, and this can expedite development time dramatically. Every developer I know could use a little more time to focus on more important things :) Before we can use the OpenAccess Forward Mapping Wizard, we need to create a model for our application.  After we have a solid model, we can run the wizard, and it will create the database for us! Awesome!   Getting Started The first thing that I do is create an abstract base class that all business...
    February 11, 2010