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    See Telerik OpenAccess ORM Q3 2010 in action and get a chance to WIN

    This is your chance to see all the improvements that have been added to OpenAccess ORM in Q3 2010. Join us for the live webcast on What’s New in Telerik OpenAccess ORM, RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX, and Extensions for MVC this Monday for a chance to win a Telerik Premium Collection (worth $1299): Monday, November 15, 11 am Eastern Time: Register here>> Monday, November 15, 10 pm Eastern Time: Register here>> You can also register for some of the other webinars dedicated to the release and learn about all the major new features that ship with the Q3 2010 release. Book your seat for a chance...
    November 13, 2010
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    Converting L2S Model to OpenAccess Domain Model

    As you might or might not know for some time now we have been working on a tool that would make migrating from Linq2Sql to Telerik OpenAccess a breeze. Yesterday (the 13th of October) we released an internal build including a beta version of the new Telerik OpenAccess Linq to SQL converter. In a few simple steps I would like to explain both how to use the tool and the capabilities and important considerations you should know about. First of all for the purpose of demonstrating the converter, we will use this simple LINQ to SQL model : The model contains the following items...
    October 14, 2010
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    Getting Started with LightSwitch and OpenAccess – Part 3

    In my last blog we learned how to create an OpenAccess Domain Service that can be consumed by LightSwitch.  In this post we will continue down this path, and get the service loaded as a data source in a LightSwitch application. Adding the Service Our first task today is to add a LightSwitch Project to our solution. Do this through the standard “Add New Project” dialog.  You should see “LightSwitch” as one of the installed templates in the tree view on the left.  Select C#/VB, give the project a name, and click Ok.   Our solution explorer should now look like this:   Right click on “Data...
    September 22, 2010
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    Getting Started With LightSwitch and OpenAccess – Part 2

    In the last blog we looked at creating an OpenAccess domain model to expose to LightSwitch.  In this blog we continue down the path of integrating OpenAccess and LightSwitch.  Today we will set up an OpenAccess Domain Service that can be consumed by LightSwitch. Creating the Service The first thing we need to do is add a new “WCF RIA Service Class Library” to our solution:   This will add a new folder to our solution containing 2 projects, one is the RIA Service library(Demo.OALightSwitch.Web), and the other is a Silverlight client project(which we can ignore for these blogs).    After we add the new projects, we...
    September 21, 2010
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    Getting Started With LightSwitch and OpenAccess

    Over the next few blogs we will look at working with LightSwitch and OpenAccess, but first i would like to lay a little ground work. :) What is LightSwitch? LightSwitch is a new Microsoft tool enabling developers, and power users, to create multi-tier applications, quickly and easily.  Those of you familiar with Microsoft Access will find it gives you even more power to create application that are easy to maintain, and easy to distribute. Since the applications made with LightSwitch are Silverlight based, they are easily deployed in browser (3-tier), out of browser(3-tier), or directly to the desktop(2-tier).  What Do I Need? To get...
    September 20, 2010