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    Using Telerik OpenAccess ORM Spatial Data with RadMap for Silverlight

    Spatial data is all the rage, everyone wants a map in their application to quickly visualize data.  In a previous blog I showed how you could query, and display, SQL Spatial data on RadMap for WPF using Telerik OpenAccess ORM.  In this blog, I will show you how to display the data on RadMap for Silverlight.  This adds a slight twist because we need to transport the SQL Spatial data across a service boundary, but thanks to some updates in RadMap this is still an easy process; so lets take a look! Database Setup The first thing we need is some spatial data. In...
    July 29, 2011
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    Telerik OpenAccess ORM - Execute stored procedures with out parameters, return values and multiple result sets

    This blog post will show you, how to use the new lower level ADO API to execute stored procedures that are returning out parameters, return values and multiple result sets. In this example we will use Microsoft SQL Server 2008 as backend which supports combining all of these features.   The Setup We create a new Console Application project. Next we add a reverse engineered Domain Model based on the Northwind database. Let’s add a stored procedures to the database which will cover all our requested features. 1: CREATE PROCEDURE SPCombinedFeatures @InParameter INTEGER, @OutParameter INTEGER OUTPUT 2: AS 3: SET @OutParameter = ( SELECT COUNT(*) FROM [Categories]) ...
    July 25, 2011
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    Telerik OpenAccess ORM - Executing an Oracle stored procedure that returns result sets

    In this blog post I will describe how easy it is, to work with the Telerik OpenAccess lower level ADO API and Oracle Stored Procedures that are returning SYS_REFCURSOR as out parameters.   The Setup For the following examples we are using a basic Console Application project, which should be enough for the purpose of this blog. We have added a Domain Model to our Solution with two Domain Classes(‘Category’ and ‘Product’). Further we added the ODP.NET Driver from Oracle( you can get it from here), which should be installed on your machine as well.     On the Oracle database, we have created 2...
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    Telerik OpenAccess ORM - Stored procedure execution made easier

    Over the past several months we did get a lot of questions regarding executing stored procedures that return a result set and/or out parameters, being able to bind the results to the UI etc. The existing API worked fine in cases where the procedure returned rows of a persistent type, but if the returned columns did not map to a persistent type there was really no way to get back instances of a non-persistent type that mapped to the result set. We’ve been listening very keenly to the feedback from customers and with the Q2 2011 release we are glad...
    July 15, 2011
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    How does OpenAccess resolve the ADO.NET driver?

    One category of  frequent support questions that we receive is regarding the ADO.NET driver version used to communicate with the database. Various problems related to resolving the appropriate driver are reported and it can be a cause of considerable frustration to the user. Beginning with the Q2 2011 version we have taken quite a big step towards eliminating these problems. This blog post talk about what's changed and what this means for the user. Prior to the Q2 2011 release the Telerik OpenAccess ORM product shipped, amongst the various assemblies, the 'Telerik.OpenAccess.Adonet2' assembly which had the ADO.NET specific implementation to obtain...
    July 14, 2011