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    The LOB Chronicles Episode 9: The Repository Pattern + Source Code Is In!

    In the last episode we were exploring how MEF created a unique issue in loading assemblies and missing dependencies as well as how we utilized a creative synchronous approach to ensuring assemblies were downloaded before loading modules. This week we’re pushing full speed ahead with the application and what we have to show (more on that later), but before we start highlighting the UI work being done I thought it would be good to take an episode to discuss how we’re handling data within the application. As you might have guessed from the title this involves the Repository Pattern. Repository Pattern...
    October 05, 2011
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    The LOB Chronicles Episode 8: Solving a MEF Dilemma

    In the last episode we were examining a creative approach that the development team behind the CRM demo incorporated for connecting views to their Prism regions using a combination of custom attributes, attached behaviors, and the managed extensibility framework (MEF). One of the commenters was a little critical of the ‘magic’ behind MEF, and rightly so as many of us like being able to trace the exact line that code will go through as opposed to relying on the magic of composition to work everything out for us. Today we bring you one of those unexpected issues in which the...
    September 29, 2011