• .NET Mobile

    Congratulations: Best Success Stories of ASP.NET MVC Apps Announced

    We are happy to announce that the contest for success stories of applications built with Telerik's ASP.NET MVC Extensions is now over. Thanks to all who participated and shared their experience with our product! We collected tens of success stories and enjoyed reading every single one of them. As a result, it was very hard for us to choose only three winners, and in fact, we managed to narrow them down to four. Not only did we have to rank two third-place awards, but we also decided to publish seven case studies in total! We will get in touch with all...
  • Company News

    The community chooses the three best projects in the Telerik Reporting Contest

    Three months ago we decided it was just the right time to test the creativity of our customers in developing projects with the help of Telerik Reporting. We wanted to see how our solution integrated into their operations and helped them achieve their business goals. This community initiative attracted a lot of interest and we received quite a few submissions, of which only 7 made it to the finals. We would like to take this opportunity and thank all of you who took part in the challenge! We are pleased to present the winners chosen by the community to win the...
    April 14, 2010
  • .NET

    Vote in the Telerik Reporting Contest

    The submission stage of the Reporting case-study contest is over, but the voting is not! Review the submissions and cast your vote now. All voters will receive 500 Telerik points. Every case study must be rated on a 1 to 4 scale and the case studies which receive the highest cumulative score will be announced winners on April 8. As with most Telerik contests, your involvement would be vital - it is your voting that would determine the winners of the $500, $300 and $200 Amazon Gift Coupons. Vote now for the best...
    April 02, 2010
  • .NET

    Show off your reports and shine (Telerik Reporting contest)

    We are running a Reporting case-study contest with cool prizes! Share how Telerik Reporting has helped you in the work you do, what problems/impediments it solved for you, and how Telerik made a difference, and you could win a $500 Amazon gift certificate! For extra exposure of your work, all case studies will be published on our site, and the winner will get the opportunity to publish a video case study of their project on TelerikTV. All you need to do to enter is send a case study on a working Telerik Reporting project that you have developed. The three most interesting case studies...
    January 25, 2010
  • .NET Desktop

    Show Us Your WinForms Skills and Win $500

    If you have been developing applications with Telerik RadControls for WinForms and are dying to show them off, now is your chance! What's more, if the Telerik community decides you have the bragging rights, you will win a $500 Amazon Gift Certificate. All you need to do to participate in the new RadControls for WinForms Challenge is to send us at least 3 screenshots and a short (up to two paragraphs) description of your WinForms application. The first 50 contestants who meet the contest requirements and are approved as finalists will receive a complimentary prize of 5,000 Telerik points that can be used towards your next purchase. We're very interested to...
    October 01, 2008