• Developer Central JavaScript

    Better Visualization of Console Data with Tables

    The need for better data visualization techniques in the console has grown the past few years. In this post, we’ll demonstrate how we can log arrays and objects to the console in a visually easy-to-read tabular format using the console.table() method.
  • .NET Mobile

    Quick Tips for Browser Dev Tools – The Console

    Browser developer tools have been around for quite some time now, yet a surprising amount of current, or people looking in to becoming, web developers are unaware of them. This is why I wanted to spend some time on creating a short series looking at, what I think, are the important items to know about these great tools. This is actually the last post out of the series with part one covering the element inspector ant network resources, and part two going over the scripts tab. Today I want to take a look in to the all mighty console which is...
    October 10, 2012