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    JustCode Q3 Typing Assistance Improvements

    We designed the typing assistance feature of JustCode to increase your productivity by saving you keystrokes without getting in your way. In this release, we enhanced this feature, making it faster and better than ever. Brace positioning When you press enter between opening and closing brace, JustCode positions the braces correctly and inserts an empty line so you can begin typing immediately. Previously, JustCode used the formatting feature to position braces correctly, and this was sometimes slow. The brace positioning no longer relies on the formatter, and the result is extremely fast. Wrap statement in braces When you add an open brace at the beginning of...
    November 05, 2012
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    JustCode 2012 Q2 Service Pack 2 Makes Navigation Even Easier

    JustCode has long been helping developers navigate their code and quickly find Files, Types, Members, and Symbols.  The most recent Service Pack (released 12-September 2012) has made it even easier!  Go To File (Ctl-Alt-G) Camel Case Searching Entering capital letters (or a combination of capital letters and lowercase letters) into the search box will filter the files accordingly.  For example, I know that I have two BDD concerns that test logging in, both starting with “When_Logging_In”.  By Typing “WLI”, the Go To File dialog filters down to the files that have the capital letters W,L,I in their name (in order).  The result is...
    September 27, 2012
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    Bad code exposed! Do you really know when your code smells?

    I’ve seen really bad code in my day. I have seen it in legacy code bases, code reviews on greenfield projects, and worse: I’ve even seen it in my own code. In fact, I can open up just about any open source project and immediately detect the existence of potentially bad code. I am not bragging… it is not as though I am incredibly gifted or that I have superhuman powers. I’ve experienced enough issues from bad code to intuitively pick up on much of it, and the rest of my knowledge comes from reading books on the subject of writing...
    September 24, 2012
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    Just* works even better in Visual Studio 2012

    Exciting news never comes alone. The brand-new Visual Studio 2012 is officially released bringing lots of good and handy new features, options and opportunities for all .NET developers. Telerik is never behind, and we’ve released Service Packs for your favorite Telerik tools that make them integrate seamlessly with Visual Studio 2012. The recent Telerik JustCode Service Pack 2 adds dynamic support for the new color themes in VS 2012. This means that if you change the colors and theme of your Visual Studio 2012 instance, JustCode will simply pick them up and use them. And if VS looks good, JustCode will look...
    September 20, 2012
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    5 Things You Should Know About Refactoring in C#

    There are many misconceptions among developers and development managers about refactoring. Perhaps a consultant used refactoring as an excuse to spend needless cycles reading blogs, or maybe a “refactoring” was blamed for a large swath of bugs found in a release. Regardless of the source, there are development shops that cower in fear or scream in terror when the word “refactoring” is uttered aloud. The problem is they were frightened by something other than refactoring. I hang out with developers around the globe at conferences, user groups, and sometimes just to grab a bite to eat. I enjoy discussing code and long...
    September 10, 2012