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    Q3 2014 SP1 for WinForms Features the RTM of RichTextEditor and New Chart Series

    Q3 2014 SP1 is now here this blog post aimsto share with you what’s in it. With this release we have addressed over 200 feedback items (see our Release Notes), RichTextEditor is getting official, we have added two new chart series to RadChartView – bezier and bubble and we are fully compatible with all versions of Visual Studio 2013 (including the Community Edition) and with Windows 10 Technical preview. Read below of the rest of the goodies that come with this release.
    December 04, 2014
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    UI for WinForms Q2 2014 is Here Featuring Document Processing Libraries, Built-in Search in RadGridView and Muuuch, Much More

    Q2 2014 of UI for WinForms is already out and it is full of new features and improvements following your requests and suggestions. Let’s dive straight in and see what is new in this release.
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    Zoom Data With RadRangeSelector for WinForms

    When working with large amounts of data, it is easy for a user to get overwhelmed and lost in a sea of information. RadRangeSelector provides an elegant solution to this problem. RadRangeSelector allows users to focus specifically on a subset of data when they interactively and visually select a range in the chart. This range is then visualized separately on its own allowing users to see and focus on that specific data, free and uncluttered from the rest of the information displayed in the main chart.
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    RadChart for WinForms is obsolete. Now what?

    The following message prompts when you run your RadChart for WinForms-enabled project against the latest version of Telerik's WinForms toolkit: 'Telerik.WinControls.UI.RadChart' is obsolete: 'RadChart is obsolete. Please use RadChartView instead.' I know that a lot of questions come to your mind at this very moment. “What happens now? What does RadChartView supports? How do I upgrade to RadChartView? Can my current RadChart implementation stay in my project?”. Read more to find out what the present and future hold for RadChart and RadChartView.
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    Top 3 Features You'll Love About RadChartView Q1'13

    Here comes another dose of our “What’s new in Q1 2013” series. After we showed you how to get the most out of our PDF Viewer, we’ll present to you top three new features you’ll love about RadChartView.
    April 04, 2013