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    IE6 Moving Closer to the Browser Graveyard

    As we say hello to a new year, we get to start with this piece of bright news coming today from Microsoft: IE6 usage in the United States (and Czech Republic, Portugal, Philippines, Ukraine, and Mexico) is now less than 1%. This is a major step towards reaching...
    January 05, 2012
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    Taming Ajaxified asp:HiddenField Controls in Internet Explorer

    If you are using asp:HiddenField controls (rendered as <input type="hidden" />) in your website and update their values with AJAX requests, you may observe some unexpected changes in the page layout in Internet Explorer (IE). It will seem that an empty line is inserted at each location where a HiddenField control resides. The behavior is observed only in IE and looks like a problem caused by the browser or the MS AJAX client-side framework. A quite easy workaround for this glitch is to wrap the HiddenField in a container with no height and reduced font size. Here is an...
    December 09, 2008
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    IE7 Scrolling Is Slower If Hover Pseudo CSS Classes Are Used on the Page

    This has been something like a tale of the unexpected for me. A client recently reported a problem with scrolling being slow in IE when the mouse wheel is used. It took about two afternoons of testing different scenarios and head scratching, and this is where we got: it seems that if a :hover pseudo CSS class is used on the web page, scrolling in IE7 becomes slower, even if the CSS selector, which contains the :hover pseudo class does not select anything, i.e. the CSS rule is not relevant to any of the web page elements. The longer the page, the...
    November 26, 2008
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    Browser Inconsistencies with Scrolling and Padding

    The other day I was researching a slight RadGrid header and data cell misalignment when using scrolling with static headers. Finally, it turned out that there is a breaking change in the way Firefox 3 treat scrollable elements with an applied padding style. To be more specific, this browser version does not include the padding zone into the scrollable area, and as a result, the inner area of the element becomes smaller. Safari 2 and 3 behave the same way. Here is a very simple testing scenario:   <div style="width:400px">      <div style="width:100px;padding-right:300px;background:orange;overflow:auto">          <div style="width:500px;height:100px;background:yellow">&nbsp;</div>      </div>  </div>      The above HTML code will be displayed by Firefox 3, Firefox 2, IE7, Opera 9 and Safari...
    July 23, 2008
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    Opera 9.5 - Love at First Sight

    The new Opera 9.5, released about a week ago, quite easily established itself as my default "home" browser. It is sooooo much faster than Firefox and Internet Explorer, especially when it comes to heavy web applications such as Gmail and Facebook (and doesn't hang either). And what's more, the Opera guys finally made the Alt + D keyboard shortcut focus the address bar as is in the other two browsers (stretching out to reach F8 was rather inconvenient. Happiness is in the small things, you know... :-) ). Opera 9.5 also includes DragonFly, which is the more powerful successor of the browser's...
    June 20, 2008