• Reporting

    Using Telerik Reporting with Kinvey's BaaS

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    Web data is moving rapidly and with the use of NO-SQL databases, the shape of the data is ever-changing as well. Telerik Reporting and the Web Service Data Source provides seamless integration with a RESTful API like Kinvey's BaaS. This can be used to build and deliver reports at a compatible rate.
    September 10, 2019
  • .NET Mobile

    It’s all about integration or how RadControls for Windows Phone became best buds with Everlive

    As you may have already noticed, a couple of weeks ago Telerik announced its brand new BaaS called Everlive. In short: it’s our own approach to offloading you from thinking about where and how to store your mobile application’s data and simply concentrate on providing the best experience to your users still having a secure and scalable backend. As you may have also noticed, with Q2 2013 we announced a brand new suite of controls: Telerik Cloud Controls for Windows Phone. These controls are designed to combine the power of our already rocking RadControls for Windows Phone suite and the flexibility of Everlive. In other words, we want you to be able to build a connected and really functional apps without concerns about where and how to store data, user profiles; or how to manage push notifications and files.
    November 07, 2013
  • Cloud Mobile

    Icenium Everlive Keynote Demo (Recap)

    On May 29th, 2013, several of us participated in a webinar covering the new release of Icenium (you can see a recording of the webinar event here). I had a chance to share a bit about Everlive - a new backend-as-a-service offering allowing you to store data and files, manage users and more in the "cloud". As part of the demo, I created a very simple note-taking mobile app and walked us through tying Everlive into it so we could create, store and retrieve notes, as well as register new users to the application and more. Let's take a brief moment to highlight the relevant (Everlive) portions of the demo app...
    June 12, 2013