• Company News

    Welcome to Telerik Boston 3.0

    Our U.S. headquarters recently moved to new and improved offices in Waltham, Massachusetts—just outside Boston proper. This is our third location in the area. Each has been an improvement on the previous space, but this time we’ve taken things to a new level—literally and figuratively, and no moving trucks were required.
    June 20, 2014
  • .NET

    Designing N-Tier Applications with OpenAccess ORM

    A very important question recently crossed my inbox, and it essentially asked: “Can you design and build Enterprise-grade n-tier applications with OpenAccess? Or does it force you violate principles of good multi-tier application design to make the ORM features work?” It was a great question and I was surprised to find that there is not more info in the online docs to address this. So, to help everyone benefit from this question’s answer, here are some details about building n-tier applications with OpenAccess. WHAT DOES GOOD N-TIER ARCHITECTURE LOOK LIKE WITH OPENACCESS? Let me preface this discussion by saying there is no “absolute” right...
    April 28, 2009