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    Send Data to Apple Watch with Core Data and Telerik UI for iOS in Swift

    The Apple Watch has been a long rumored device which finally appeared in September, followed by a Watch SDK, called WatchKit, in November. The introduction of the SDK maybe raised more questions than it answered, and we like everybody else are looking into the future for answers from Apple. One such question is: how can I send data, larger than what is allowed for a push notification, from the iPhone to the Watch? Well, there are several ways to do it: NSUserDefaults Files Core Data There isn’t a single recommended approach by Apple, so all these methods are legit. However, NSUserDefaults is more appropriate for user preferences, rather than real data, and files may not be a good solution for all data scenarios. Therefore, if we have to choose, we will bet on Core Data and today I am going to show you how you can send your Telerik Chart for iOS to the Apple Watch in the form of an image and a string stored in Core Data.
    February 03, 2015
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    My First Hello World with Apple's Swift and Telerik UI for iOS

    You’ve heard the big news from WWDC. Apple has a new modern language and it is named Swift. We at Telerik were eager to try the new language and write some code. Our first impressions are very positive, using Swift is easy and intuitive. Source code of the project is available for download.
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    Should I Consider an Open Source or a Commercial UI Library for my Next iOS App?

    This post will examine the pros and cons of using OSS or a Commercial UI Library for your next iOS application.
    February 19, 2014