• .NET

    Getting Started with RadPdfProcessing in Telerik UI for WinForms

    This blog post aims to get you acquainted with the newly introduced RadPdfProcessing libraries, which allow for importing, exporting, modifying and creating pdf files.
    December 09, 2014
  • .NET

    Q3 2014 SP1 for WinForms Features the RTM of RichTextEditor and New Chart Series

    Q3 2014 SP1 is now here this blog post aimsto share with you what’s in it. With this release we have addressed over 200 feedback items (see our Release Notes), RichTextEditor is getting official, we have added two new chart series to RadChartView – bezier and bubble and we are fully compatible with all versions of Visual Studio 2013 (including the Community Edition) and with Windows 10 Technical preview. Read below of the rest of the goodies that come with this release.
    December 04, 2014
  • .NET Company News

    Why the Community Edition of Visual Studio 2013 is Thrilling for You and Telerik DevCraft

    You probably heard the news about the availability of a free version of Visual Studio 2013 a few weeks ago. This announcement was quite exciting, because (for the first time) is Microsoft is trying to really offer the great .NET framework and associated tools to indie developers, smaller dev shops and students. Probably the most important part of the announcement (for us) is that the Community version allows extensions. Adding extensions was not possible with the previous free editions of Visual Studio, a.k.a. the Express editions. If you wanted to use a third-party product in your daily development (like Telerik DevCraft), you had to buy a non-Express edition of Visual Studio. Today, if you are playing solo or you are part of a team with up to five developers, you can save that cash and just use the latest and greatest of Visual Studio with your favorite Telerik tools and extensions (plus any other third-party tools, of course). Will Telerik DevCraft tools work with it? Yes. All of the Telerik .NET tools work with Visual Studio Community 2013.
    December 03, 2014
  • .NET Cloud Mobile

    Adding Offline Support to Your Kendo UI Mobile App

    Kendo UI’s third, and final, release of 2014 has just landed. For Kendo UI Mobile users there’s some awesome stuff—like improved AngularJS support and a new material design theme — but what I’m excited about, and what I’m writing about today, is the new offline support built into Kendo UI. Personally, offline support is one […] The post Adding Offline Support to Your Kendo UI Mobile App appeared first on Telerik Developer Network....
    December 03, 2014
  • .NET Cloud Mobile

    3 Useful Tools for Local Web Development & Testing

    I admit it. I am addicted to new tools…always have been. A long time ago, back when I started doing web development, there was almost no such thing as a free tool. Software was all paid and came in boxes. I had to go to a store to purchase this box of software – with […] The post 3 Useful Tools for Local Web Development & Testing appeared first on Telerik Developer Network....
    December 02, 2014