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    How Can We Make Ecommerce Experiences Feel More Social?

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    While retail shopping is slowly coming back, it’s going to take a while before shoppers and retailers alike can fully reap the benefits of a social shopping experience. Rather than wait, this article proposes we bring socialization to the mobile ecommerce experience.
    February 01, 2022
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    App Store Optimization Tips for Fintech Designers

    App store optimization is a lot like search engine optimization. And like SEO, app store designers have a role to play in APO. In this post, we’ll look at 4 things you can do to increase the visibility and discoverability of your fintech products in app store search results.
    October 08, 2021
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    The Future is NOW for Screen Builder and the CLI

    The concept of the push-button house has become a little closer to reality with the advent of the Nest and smart LED lighting. So I was really excited to give the new Screen Builder commands in the Telerik AppBuilder command line interface (CLI) tool a spin, because it brings a little of that future-facing magic into the domain of mobile apps development. Just push buttons, type a bit, push some more buttons, and your app is scaffolded! It's so futuristic!
    August 10, 2015