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    3 Ways to Improve the Mobile App Experience with Animation

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    When done right, animations can add a whole lot of value to the user experience—serving as their guide, cheerleader and entertainer. Here are some tips on how you can improve mobile app animations (and some things to stay away from).

    Column Animations for RadGrid for ASP.NET AJAX

    Coming with 2010.Q2 release of RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX is some eye candy for RadGrid users. In fact, never has an HTML grid been more interactive. RadGrid column animations will have your column headers fly around when you reorder columns or drag them over to the group panel. To get an idea of what column animations really are, try reordering some columns in Windows Explorer on Windows 7: What you get is a nice animation where headers move aside to make room for the dragged header. The idea is the same with RadGrid too. You drag one header to reorder the columns and the rest of the headers move...
    June 18, 2010