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    Know When To CDN

    There’s no doubt that JavaScript, CSS, images and other resources are becoming larger and larger and HUGELY McHUGENATOR sized these days (just take a look at any popular website you visit!). To make matters worse, though, we also have more people accessing these monstrous websites with 50megs of animated jiffs (pronounced “gif”), 10megs of JavaScript and more CSS than an MS-Word document’s “export to HTML”. Things are a bit of a mess, quite frankly. But there’s hope, even with the monstrously sized sites and ever-increasing number of mobile users. Content-Delivery Networks (CDNs), while not a silver bullet by any means, can help you to reduce the amount of time that it takes to deliver your website assets around the world.
    November 07, 2013
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    Creating A RWD Off-Canvas Layout With Bootstrap 3

    In this article, we look at how to use Bootstrap 3 and a little CSS turn a left navigation column into a drawer that slides out when the browser reaches a certain size.
    November 05, 2013
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    Understanding the Options for a New Telerik ASP.NET MVC Project

    After you’ve installed the ASP.NET MVC Wrappers for Kendo UI and you’ve had a chance to walk through and play with the demos, you’ll want to create your own project and get started writing your own code. So you go to the File menu and open the New Project dialog. But what do you do with all these options? Do you just accept the defaults? Do you need to change anything, to support different project needs or environments? The list of checkboxes and drop-down lists can be a little overwhelming at first and it may not look like they matter, since your project will work if you just accept the defaults. But each of these options does matter, depending on the type of project you’re building and how you want the project setup.
    November 01, 2013
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    HTML5: The Platform Of Perception And Assumptions

    Are HTML5 mobile apps ready for Prime Time? Are they good enough to take on their native counterparts? We discovered some very interesting things when we put HTML5 to the test.
    October 31, 2013