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    Getting Started with the Telerik HTML5 Report Viewer Widget in a Kendo UI ASP.NET MVC Application

    With the Q3 2013 release of Telerik Reporting the long awaited client-side HTML5 Report Viewer was put into our hands. This widget allows us to bring Telerik Reporting to our ASP.NET MVC-based projects easily. The HTML5 Report Viewer is built using a responsive layout that adapts it's rendering automatically to different displays, including touch-enabled mobile browsers and all leading modern desktop browsers. In this blog post I will provide a quick overview on how to get started including the HTML5 Report Viewer widget in your ASP.NET MVC project.
    November 26, 2013
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    Q3 2013 Keynote Recording, Demo Resources and Prize Winners!

    Yesterday we had our 3rd quarterly release for Kendo UI’s 2013 year, and was it ever a good one! We nailed down a huge update to nearly every part of Kendo UI this round, all along our theme of 3 pillars: Pillar 1: Responsive (Kendo UI Widgets). Pillar 2: Adaptive (Grid and Scheduler). Pillar 3: Modern (UI Dimensions). There’s a lot of great updates to an already amazing suite of resources, including the introduction of our new feline overlord, the GeoKitteh!
    November 21, 2013
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    What's New in Kendo UI Q3 2013?

    It’s Kendo UI launch day, once again, and if you joined us in our online keynote this morning, you’ve no doubt already seen many of the exciting new features that we’re releasing under the Q3 2013 banner of “Responsive UI for modern apps.” Our goal this quarter was to deliver a bevy of new features, enhancements and performance improvements designed to help you build compelling desktop and mobile web apps in a snap, and I think we’ve delivered on that promise!
    November 20, 2013
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    Getting Started with PIE and Other DataViz Charts

    So you’ve got an amazing app or service, more users than you can count, and a ton of data that you want to share with the world. So what do you do with that data? Do you write your own charts and graphs in pure HTML and CSS? Do you slog through the process of drawing your own with a raw HTML Canvas or SVG library? Or do you sit back, relax and drop a few Kendo UI DataViz controls in place, tell them where to grab your data and take a vacation while the rest of the internet tries to get browser compatibility in to their hand-built charts? Not me. I'm going to pick DataViz over hand-rolled stuff, any day. And better yet - I'm going to help you get started with pie! (and other chart types, too)
    November 14, 2013