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    Please Respect The "Back" Button

    SPA's are a great new immersive way to build applications, but in the process of building the shiny and new, we have forgotten the core principles of the web. The net result is a broken experience for users. The back button commands respect and cannot be ignored simply because we are circumventing traditional browser posting in favor of SPA routing. In this article we'll look at how to build a SPA without breaking the web.
    January 07, 2014
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    Kendo UI Open Sources Dynamic LINQ Helpers

    Over the holiday season, the engineering team open sourced the Dynamic LINQ Helpers to provide ASP.NET developers a simple way to handle communication between Kendo UI widgets and Entity Framework queries. This article looks at how to install and use the dynamic LINQ helpers in a variety of ASP.NET environments.
    January 02, 2014
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    Building a Full Stack AutoComplete Widget with Java and Kendo UI

    Anyone that has ever done a web search is familiar with autocomplete behavior. But actually developing these controls has a number of non-trivial technical challenges. Where do you get the options from? Do you specify those options on the client or load them server-side? Do you load all options at once or as the user types? Kendo UI's AutoComplete widget gives you the hooks to make all these implementations possible. In this article we'll build a few Java-backed AutoComplete widgets to explore the best way to structure the autocomplete controls you need to build. We'll start with a small hardcoded list, and scale all the way up a server filtered list with a million options.
    December 19, 2013
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    Using RequireJS to Load Kendo UI Templates

    I've used RequireJS a lot over the last 2+ years, and as I've been learning Kendo UI, I was curious how well the two could work together. Burke Holland has already written a bit on this topic as well, but I wanted to find out if I could use the "text" loader plugin for RequireJS to load Kendo templates from external files. It turns out, you can. There's just a slight twist in doing so.
    December 17, 2013