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    Telerik ❤︎ Fluent Conf

    Telerik was at Fluent Conf this week and it was awesome. Here is your conference rundown with pictures, tweets and selfies.
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    Strategies For Managing Navigation State

    I've often said that as a developer, I get this suspicious feeing that I'm mostly solving the same problem over and over again. We innovate, create new and wonderful technology, and then piece together a new solution for an old problem that has just morphed into a different kind of problem but is really the same problem underneath. At this point, some developer alarm should go off in your head screaming "Burke! If you fix the root of the problem, then it WILL go away!" And you are right - it will. The reason why we can't fix the root, is that the root is what keeps changing.
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    A Few Angular Kendo UI Best Practices

    In this article, I address several issues that I see quite frequently as issues on the GitHub repo. A lot of these issues stem from a misunderstanding of how Kendo UI works when used alongside of Angular. Most of them are minor, and just require you to use the correct constructs and objects when dealing with Kendo UI widgets. I know that these are common mistakes, because I make them myself all the time!
    February 26, 2014
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    What the Kendo UI MVC Server Wrappers Are and Why You Should Be Using Them - Part 1

    Most ASP.NET Developers rely on one or more control suites to augment their web applications. Many of these control suites are not only .NET specific, but favor the use of WebForms over the MVC framework that many web application developers are using for new applications. Kendo UI is a powerful cross platform suite of controls that is based on HTML, JavaScript and CSS. This makes the suite completely interoperable across all major web development frameworks, including ASP.NET. And with the MVC Server wrappers and extensions Kendo UI and ASP.NET MVC work even better together!
    February 19, 2014