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    Telerik DevCraft Ultimate Suite Offers UI for Native Mobile Development for All Major Platforms

    To respond to the growing need of our .NET customers for building multiplatform mobile apps, Telerik DevCraft Ultimate suite now features two more products: Telerik UI for iOS and Telerik UI for Android. The upgraded bundle offers not only the most complete .NET toolbox but UI tools for building native, hybrid and web mobile apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows Universal. DevCraft suite speeds up mobile development for teams with various skill sets and projects requiring different approaches.
    March 16, 2015
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    Thoughts on the Future of .NET

    Are you wondering how influencers and professionals feel about the recent changes in the .NET world? We reached out to Jason Follas from Falafel Software to ask his opinion on the future of .NET. To find out what he thinks of Windows 10, Universal Apps, Windows on IoT and developing for HoloLens. Read our short interview with him.
    February 20, 2015
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    HubSpot Blog Cites as Example of Brilliant Website Design

    HubSpot cited as one of 15 examples of “brilliant website design"
    January 21, 2015
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    Telerik: A Progress Company Takes Home Three Awards at the “Forbes Business Awards 2014” in Bulgaria

    Forbes Magazine Bulgaria honored Telerik: A Progress Company with three awards at the annual ceremony of the business media, including first-place awards for “Business Development” and “Product Quality.” Additionally, the company was awarded with a special accolade, “Deal of the Year,” bestowed for the first time in the history of the prestigious “Forbes Business Awards” in Bulgaria.
    January 21, 2015
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    Why the Community Edition of Visual Studio 2013 is Thrilling for You and Telerik DevCraft

    You probably heard the news about the availability of a free version of Visual Studio 2013 a few weeks ago. This announcement was quite exciting, because (for the first time) is Microsoft is trying to really offer the great .NET framework and associated tools to indie developers, smaller dev shops and students. Probably the most important part of the announcement (for us) is that the Community version allows extensions. Adding extensions was not possible with the previous free editions of Visual Studio, a.k.a. the Express editions. If you wanted to use a third-party product in your daily development (like Telerik DevCraft), you had to buy a non-Express edition of Visual Studio. Today, if you are playing solo or you are part of a team with up to five developers, you can save that cash and just use the latest and greatest of Visual Studio with your favorite Telerik tools and extensions (plus any other third-party tools, of course). Will Telerik DevCraft tools work with it? Yes. All of the Telerik .NET tools work with Visual Studio Community 2013.
    December 03, 2014