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    Application analytics. You should be using it.

    Whether your business is producing a healthy profit or is striving to survive, a relevant question will always be: What should we do next with our software products? Should we retire functionality or complete the application? Should we improve usability? Maybe add new functionality? We have the answer.
    August 15, 2013
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    Is This Thing On? (A four-part series)

    The growth of technologies like local storage, and the exposure of certain device APIs — like the camera or geolocation — to the browser (or to a hybrid application) has had an interesting side effect on web developers: the growing need to check the connectivity state of the client. Regardless of the reason or device - if you're working on web, mobile web or hybrid mobile applications, odds are very high that you will run into the need to check connectivity state on your current or next project. Lets take a look at some of the APIs available to help you.
    August 06, 2013
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    Push Notifications With Apache Cordova & Icenium

    Push notifications are messages sent from an application server to a specific device using the vendor infrastructure. Typically, push notifications are used to notify an application to update its data. For example, push notifications are sent when a feed has been updated, a message has been received, or a new appointment has been made.
    August 01, 2013
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    Telerik RadControls for Windows 8 XAML and HTML– New Licenses for Hobbyists and Small Businesses

    The Telerik Windows 8 team is excited to announce the introduction of new licenses for RadControls for Windows 8 to support the growing number of hobbyist developers as well as small businesses embracing the platform. Prices range from $149 for an individual XAML or HTML suite to a $999 XAML and HTML bundle with premium support, including24 hour ticket response time, updates for 12 months and full source code.
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    Exclusive SWAG from Telerik at TechEd

    Earlier in the week my colleague Ramiro blogged about Telerik at TechEd, and the exclusive T-Shirt we had to give away to attendees. We never dreamed how popular these TechEd Exclusive t-shirts would be, and we were completely sold out by the end of the first day...
    June 06, 2013