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    Announcing Screen Builder

    More than ever before, the heat is on to develop and deliver mobile apps. Not just any mobile apps though - apps that consume data, apps that are gorgeous, and apps that are a pleasure to use. Yesterday, creating a cross-platform mobile app meant learning new languages, new frameworks, and new tools. Not to mention the time it takes to scaffold up new apps or attempt to re-use the same set of business templates. Today, however, everything changes as we announce a new offering from the Telerik Platform, the functional app designer we call Screen Builder.
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    Analytics dashboards available in the platform

    Platform dashboards is now available. This will enable you to compare metrics from several applications into one dynamic dashboard
    April 27, 2015
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    Telerik AppManager April Release: Customization Options Galore

    Today we are pleased to announce a new release of Telerik AppManager. Focused on a variety of customization options, now AppManager enables you to make your private app store feel more like YOUR private app store. We also have a nice announcement for Windows Phone developers that should make your app distribution experience even easier.
    April 14, 2015
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    Start Building Your Mobile Apps Quickly with Screen Builder Beta and Telerik Platform

    The solution (Beta) that we have worked hard on in the last several months is part of our own Telerik® Platform. We call it Screen Builder. It’s a feature of Telerik AppBuilder and is a natural starting point for creating your apps. Today, I’m excited to announce the public Beta of Screen Builder.
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    CIO Survey: Top 15 Mobility Trends in the Enterprise

    Despite the maturing mobile technology landscape, IT is still struggling to streamline the delivery of mobile projects in the enterprise. We recently conducted a survey of more than 50 Fortune 1000 CIOs and IT Executives to learn about the current state of mobility in their organizations.
    April 08, 2015