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One particularly astute reader of my previous blog post noted that we must be up to something big doing 3D controls research. Well, I am now at liberty to say that he was completely right! What he didn’t know, however, was where exactly all this research was headed. It is with a great pleasure I announce today that we have been working for some time now on a new charting component for our WPF suite. It will officially by known as RadChart for WPF. This will be a feature rich chart offering with full-fledged 2D and 3D support. As all of our WPF controls it will be completely customizable through XAML offering virtually endless possibilities for customization. I will not bore you with talk, however, because I can show you some early alpha screenshots of the chart in action.

Let’s start with some standard 2D bar and stacked bar charts. Below you can see two stacked groups (two groups each stacked independently) and a regular bar chart:

In this screenshot you can see our custom implementation of a 2D spline curve (as WPF does not provide any API for drawing those):

And now on to the exciting part – the 3D charts. For the first time RadChart supports 3D charts. I’ve personally talked with a lot of customers who have yearned this feature and I am extremely happy to finally say that we listened to you and we will deliver the results very soon. You can take a sneak peak at some beautifully rendered 3D series below:

The 3D bar series (as every other aspect of RadChart) is completely customizable as you can see from the screenshot below. You can place an arbitrary 3d model exported from say, 3D Studio Max and RadChart will take care of the layout.

The best news of all is that you will be able to get your hands on this baby pretty soon – our CTP is scheduled for July 22nd. We would love to hear feedback and ideas you have about RadChart for WPF. You can leave a quick comment here or write to us directly with your questions.

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