In addition to today's HUGE Kendo UI Winter Release, we're also introducing the Kendo UI Premium Forums. This is an important change for the forums on, and we think this change will elevate the already premiere Kendo UI support experience to new heights.

Since support is so important to Telerik and Kendo UI, I want to take a minute to fully explain Premium Forums, why we are introducing this change, and how you, our customers, are going to benefit.

What’s the Problem Today?

Before I explain the new Premium Forums, let me first explain the problem with today’s forums that Premium Forums will fix.

Since the introduction of Kendo UI, we have provided two ways for Kendo UI developers to get answers to their questions: Support Tickets and Forums.

Support Tickets are available to all Kendo UI customers and free trial users. Every support ticket is assigned to a Kendo UI support staffer or a member of the Kendo UI Engineering Team, and has a guaranteed response time. Every question gets addressed with the kind of thorough attention to detail Telerik is legendary for providing.

Forums, meanwhile, are a venue for the Kendo UI community to assist each other. While Kendo UI engineers and developer advocates may occasionally assist in the forums, the forums are not an official support channel.

For several reasons, though, the Forums have been perceived as an official channel for getting Kendo UI support, which has lead to frustration when forum questions don’t receive answers. And while we’d love to answer every question that comes through the open and free forums, supporting our customers comes first. Meanwhile, all of the great questions and answers happening in the support tickets are only helping one person at a time. There’s a lot of great knowledge getting “trapped” in private tickets.

Bottom Line: We want a way to deliver premium support via public forums while still ensuring our customers users get priority access to Kendo UI’s valuable support team.

What are the Premium Forums?

When they go live in late November, the Kendo UI Premium Forums will provide "support ticket-like" attention and answers to all Kendo UI forum threads. That means the forums will be monitored by Kendo UI's support staff and product engineers to ensure all questions get addressed. All threads will have a guaranteed response time, too, so you'll get answers quickly and from the experts behind Kendo UI.

To deliver this level of support service, though, Premium Forums will be limited to customers and 30-day free trial users. All other visitors to will have read-only access to the information in the forums, but only customers and active trial users will be able to create new threads and post comments to the forums.

What’s the Difference Between Support Tickets and Forums?

With the introduction of Premium Forums, the differences are slight. The best way to think about the difference is this:

  • If your question does not contain any sensitive company/project specific information, it is a good candidate for the Kendo UI Premium Forums. By asking your question here, you’ll get the same guaranteed response as a Ticket, but you’ll gain extra insight and help from the Kendo UI community, and all of the answers to your question will benefit other developers that follow in your tracks.
  • If your question does contain information you don’t want to discuss in public view, then open a Support Ticket.

We expect that most customer questions will be best suited for the Kendo UI Premium Forums. Only in cases where more sensitive project details must be shared to troubleshoot a problem will a formal, private support ticket really be required.

Will there be “Non-Premium” Forums on

When we introduce Premium Forums on later this month, we will no longer have “non-premium” or free forums. At least, not for now. Open community forums may be re-introduced at a later point once we can develop better systems for recognizing and incentivizing community contributions.

For now, though, we are directing all community questions for Kendo UI to an open forum that we think does the best job today of cultivating a vibrant, self-help developer community: StackOverflow.

StackOveflow has an active JavaScript and HTML5 developer community racing to answer open questions, including questions covering Kendo UI, and for those developers opting to work with Kendo UI without paying for support, we think this provides the best channel for getting answers. Plus, as a bonus, if you’re a Kendo UI expert, you can build your StackOverflow reputation by helping other developers that have Kendo UI questions!

Okay, okay. Does this Change Impact Me?

If you are a Kendo UI customer, the only impact for you should be even better support! If you are part of the much smaller group working with Kendo UI that does not fall-in to one of the previous categories (licensed customer or 30-day free trial users), we’d encourage you to purchase a Kendo UI support contract after you’ve adopted Kendo UI so we can provide the same great support our customers love! (If you need help with that, simply contact us with an email to

When Will Premium Forums Go Live?

First things first: Nothing is changing today.

What you will see today is a banner on the Kendo UI Forums advising all forum users of the coming Premium Forum change. The banner will be visible for the next 2-weeks, but otherwise the forums will not change. We want to give everyone ample opportunity to prepare for the Premium Forums change.

After this 2-week awareness period, the Premium Forums will be enabled. At this time, all forums on will be "read-only" unless you're a logged-in customer. You will still be able to read threads that you started before this change, but new threads and posts will require an active support license log-in.

I’ve Got More Questions!

I’ve got more answers! We published today a complete FAQ with answers to many of the most common questions surrounding Premium Forums. I encourage you to review that FAQ if you have more questions about how Premium Forums will work. If you still can’t find your answer, contact us at and we’ll do our best to help.

It is our sincere hope that this change delivers a better support and forum experience to all Kendo UI customers. As Kendo UI continues to grow and evolve, our commitment to delivering industry leading support is unwavering. I’d love to personally hear any feedback (good or bad) from you as this change roles-out. I can’t always guarantee a reply, but I can guarantee a read:

Enjoy the Kendo UI Premium Forums and go build awesome apps with the latest Kendo UI Winter Release!

About the Author

Todd Anglin

Todd Anglin is Vice President of Product at Progress. Todd is responsible for leading the teams at Progress focused on NativeScript, a modern cross-platform solution for building native mobile apps with JavaScript. Todd is an author and frequent speaker on web and mobile app development. Follow Todd @toddanglin for his latest writings and industry insights.

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