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Carried away in working on all fronts, we completely forgot to organize a big bash for Telerik’s 5th birthday.  Time flies fast – I remember well how 5 years ago I was sitting with the other founders in a small room and we could never reach consensus what kind of music we should play (having a rule not to have a headset and be mindful about the other people’s preferences is a good team-building exercise).

We had to settle for “just” a team-building event in the mountains and quietly celebrate our "Best Employer" award and our fifth anniversary but another development came to the team as a really nice present for the birthday and compensated for the lack of a solid party.

After a very long wait, we finally moved into our new office building and…. it’s very refreshing to have all team members in the same location. We were supposed to be here a year ago, but in construction as in software development sometimes things don’t work out as planned and we had to stay cramped as sardines for over a year in the old space. Luckily, it all ended recently. The move to the new office was a huge project for us but it was nonetheless a success – we managed to move all of the equipment and set up the whole infrastructure for one weekend. We were operational in the new facility without any downtime.

It has been just a few weeks since we moved out of the old building, but it feels like a long forgotten past. It’s hard to compare things –brand new modern office building with excellent infrastructure, lots of meeting rooms, flowers all around, office furniture that is properly branded with Telerik green, demotivators are hanging from the walls all around. What’s best, the 30,000 square feet are adequate for our plans to dominate the world (the component world for now:).

As pictures are worth a thousand words, here are some pictures of the building and the offices:

The lousy office conditions were one of the problem areas identified in the Best Employer survey but it’s great that it’s no longer on the ToDo list. Time to move on with the next 2 steps: to create a kindergarten and to finish the fun zone (yeah, that part of the office with the bar, table tennis, sofa, bean bags, big TV and XBOX 360).  And to think about the corporate Christmas party…

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