• .NET

    Telerik RadControls Enable New Breed of WinForms Apps

    We have done a lot recently to make it possible for a WinForms app to get closer to the new UX trends set by the great WPF and Silverlight technologies. I know it would be hard to convince you that, but luckily I happen to have a slick new WinForms demo app to help me in this endeavor. The new RadControls for WinForms QSF comes with an animated welcome screen describing some of the unique features of Telerik WinForms suite: The fisheye bar at bottom animates so smoothly, that anytime I run the app I just can’t help myself but play with...
  • Web .NET

    The Anatomy of Responsive ASP.NET Apps

    Web technology moves extremely quick, so quick in fact it's hard to keep pace. It seems that just a short time ago responsive web design was only a trend, but today it's a necessity.
  • Mobile .NET

    Overview of Telerik Platform Enterprise Enhancements

    We are pleased to announce the immediate launch of Telerik Platform Enterprise Edition. While Telerik Platform has always offered some enterprise-targeted features, we’ve invested a lot of time over the last year fine-tuning Telerik Platform to bring all the pieces together for developers working in complex enterprise environments.
  • .NET

    Benefits of Code-Only Mapping and How to Get Them

    The Data Access Visual Studio integration surely saved you time and effort while you were developing your data access layer. Now you need an easy-to-maintain configuration that will help you during the next stages of your application's lifecycle. Check out how to achieve it with the Data Access NuGet packages and code-only mapping.
  • .NET Testing & ALM

    Keeping Ahead of the Candy Line

    Do your team's testers end up getting work late in the iteration/sprint/cycle/whatever? Are they tremendously backed up trying to get automation scripts written, validations done and exploratory sessions completed?