We are excited to announce that Blazor REPL is now part of Progress and has a new home under Progress Telerik REPL for Blazor!

All existing snippets created with blazorrepl.com will continue to work as is and the functionality remains open and free to the Blazor community at its new home blazorrepl.telerik.com. You will not only be able to continue using the features you are familiar with such as: write, run, share code snippets, referencing static assets and installing NuGet packages, but we are also excited to share that you can now enjoy new functionalities and brand new design and UX:

  • Sharing your Blazor code snippets in Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and via email
  • Sharing your snippets directly from your favorite IDE: Visual Studio and
    Visual Studio Code
  • Embedding the code editor within your blog posts and websites
  • Integration with Telerik UI for Blazor components and themes