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AR for next generation LOB applications?

Ever wondered what this thing AR/VR is and what it’s worth for, besides gaming? Been concerned that by the time AR/VR become mainstream it will be already too late to pioneer visionary ideas? Heard that it’s hard and cumbersome to do AR development today? Wanted to get your hands dirty with some experiments but never got the time because of the steep learning curve?

You are not alone, we at Progress Telerik asked ourselves the very same questions.

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The Vision of Progress Telerik

Augmented reality is a technology that adds enormous value in multiple business use cases – from virtual control rooms, better readability of data by plotting it into the real 3D space, to real-time remote assistance and collaboration directly on the field – to name a few. While still early market today, especially for Line of Business applications, we envision that AR/VR will soon play significant role in multiple businesses and more and more companies will invest in building software for solving existing problems more efficiently through augmented and/or virtual reality.

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State of Development Affairs Today

Indeed, the development workflow for building immersive 3D AR applications today is hard, has a steep learning curve and lacks various building blocks that are de-facto standard in traditional 2D UIs like ASP.NET, WinForms and WPF. As the leading vendor of productivity tools and frameworks for the .NET world, with more than 15 years of commitment to help every developer be a hero, it is our belief that a productive development ecosystem should be armed with a comprehensive set of UX paradigms, components and patterns that help developers focus primarily on the business logic, not fight with the platform to achieve simple things.

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Progress Telerik HoloStock Application

Meet the HoloStock application, the foundation and a real use case for our soon-to-come codename “Telerik UI for AR/VR” component suite. It is a fully functional Microsoft’s HoloLens application, including source code and a thorough “Getting Started” guide to help you build your first AR application in no time. Unveil (unleash) the power of Augmented Reality and the 3D world space by just reusing your C# and .NET skills, while investing no more than in traditional 2D applications. It is built with Unity3D and visualizes the trends and changes in the price of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, by leveraging the power of Augmented Reality and 3D world spatial mapping. It features an early version of our 2D and 3D Charting library, created from the ground-up with AR and 3D in mind.

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HoloStock Application Videos

Meet the HoloStock application, the foundation and a real use case for our soon-to-come codename
“Telerik UI for AR/VR” component suite.




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Just download the provided archive, which contains the Unity3D package with the complete source code of the application, as well as the “Installation Requirements”, “Getting Started” & “Technical Walkthrough” guides.