ProgressĀ® TelerikĀ® Reporting 2010.2 714 Version Notes

What's Fixed in Telerik Reporting Q2 2010 Internal Build v4.1.10.729

Visual Studio Report Designer

  • Fixed: Named positional parameters are not shown in subsequent invoking of Data Source Parameters page of the wizard
  • Fixed: ObjectDataSource wizard, EntityDataSource wizard, and OpenAccessDataSource wizard lose the selected data source type after recompiling the project

HTML Engine

  • Fixed: Html engine does not parse correctly html containing self-closing tags with attributes
  • Fixed: Top and bottom margin should be rendered only for first-level list elements 


  • Fixed: In ReportBook only the reports after the last PageNumberingStyle.ResetNumberingAndCount are present in the exported document
  • Fixed: Nested tables are rendered with overlapped columns in Image rendering
  • Fixed: Table contained in repeating group section is not rendered in Image rendering
  • Fixed: An error occurs when rendering report with invalid culture in XAML rendering
  • Fixed: The background of TextBox with CanGrow turned off and middle/bottom vertical align is not rendered correctly in XAML

Report Viewers

  • Fixed: Added support for not-mergable Report Parameters with matching Name and Type in ReportBook
  • Fixed: Visible string report parameter with default settings does not require value input
  • Fixed: In Report Viewer for ASP.NET SecurityException occurs in medium trust when using out-proc session and a report with parameters.
  • Fixed: In Silverlight viewer document map does not navigate correctly to bookmarks
  • Fixed: An error occurs when the user types on keyboard while the focus is on collapsed multi-value + available values parameter editor in WPF viewer.