ProgressĀ® TelerikĀ® Reporting 2009.3 1104 Version Notes

Report Processing
  • Error "The expression contains object 'Item' that is not defined in the current context." when binding to an list/array of objects

Image Rendering

  • Incorrect paging of Table items that contain large items that span on multiple vertical pages.
  • Incorrect paging of nested Table items.

Silverlight Report Viewer
  • Missing API reference
  • No parameter UI when the report contains single parameter and no default value.
  • Parameter values are not applied for print and export
  • Report Viewer does not work with SSL
  • Report viewer shows hidden parameters (Visible=False)

Report Service
  • Missing API reference

Web Report Viewer
  • Incorrect behavior when assigning 'null' to the Report property of the viewer
  • Incorrect message when the viewer has no report
  • Incorrect vertical alignment of the Export toolbar group