ProgressĀ® TelerikĀ® UI for WPF 2013.1.0225 Version Notes


What’s Fixed:
In some themes the background highlighting of a selected collapsed group isn't reset as expected
Cannot add RadDocking control without dimensions in the RadRibbonWindow


What’s Fixed:
Visual glitch caused by IsDeferredDraggingEnabled


What's Fixed:
Set maximum height to the gallery of Page Sizes dropdown button
Html FormatProvider: Table style not exported properly
Html FormatProvider: Export do not preserve .html encodings of special characters


What's Fixed:
Fixed snapshots in styles gallery in Expression Dark theme
Navigation with Tab and Enter keys not working when the selection contains merged cells


What’s Fixed:
When placing a RadAutoCompleteBox in ItemsControl its SelectedItems property cannot be bound


What’s Fixed:
Exception is thrown when opening the DropDown and the DateSelectionMode is set to Month.


What’s New:
RadGridView will hide the tooltip of GridViewCell if toolTip.Content is null (using GridViewColumn.ToolTipTemplateSelector)

What’s Fixed:
Properties that originate from inheritance level >2, do not have their descriptors properly retrieved.
RadGridView throws an exception on continuous load and unload and ColumnSort(Group)Descriptor is set to any column.
RadGridView will focus the first visible cell from a row (with all columns set to read-only) when BeginEdit() is called (add new item scenario).
RadGridView does not show DataAnnotation validation template after the first attempt to commit cell.