ProgressĀ® TelerikĀ® Reporting 6.1. 12.611 Version Notes

What's New in Telerik Reporting Q2 2012 Internal Build v6.1.12.717

  • CHANGE: Telerik.Reporting.Processing.HtmlTextBox.IsValidXhtml method is now obsolete. Please use IsValidXhtml expression built-in function instead or Telerik.Reporting.Processing.XhtmlValidator.IsValidXhtml method instead.
  • CHANGE: Text items (TextBox, CheckBox, HtmlTextBox) do not apply automatic left and right padding anymore. Use global style rule with appropriate selector instead.

What's Fixed in Telerik Reporting Q2 2012 Internal Build v6.1.12.717

Report Model

  • Fixed: ReportParameter.AvailableValues is always serialized even if empty
  • Fixed: Xml serializer cannot serialize null values
  • Fixed: Style rules are not propagated to the SubReports


  • Fixed: Adding Detail value in CrossTabWizard does not apply aggregate function automatically
  • Fixed: Calculated field is not added correctly through the expressions dialog
  • Fixed: Can't add target from Action's Target collection
  • Fixed: DataSource tree doesn't show sub values in Wizards/Choose a data source
  • Fixed: Table/Crosstab wizard drag-drop subfield(e.g. OrderDate.Day) does not work correctly

Visual Studio Designer

  • Fixed: VS 2005/2008 crashes when inserting item from the toolbox
  • Fixed: VS 2005/2008 crashes on Report Wizard finish
  • Fixed: Group, Data and Report explorers don’t show info if the files are opened automatically from VS
  • Fixed: Report Wizard does not start, manual start throws an error
  • Fixed: Upgrade Wizard fails to find upgradable projects when you only have new version installed.
  • Fixed: Instance report source of a SubReport item disappears whenever you move the SubReport item

Telerik Report Designer

  • Fixed: An error occurs when an item is pasted inside container that does not accept such child items
  • Fixed: Cannot change the Name of SqlDataSource
  • Fixed: ConditionalFormatting and StyleRule with BackgroundImage do not work
  • Fixed: F5 key does not change the tab to Preview
  • Fixed: Minimize toolbar does not toggle the command text
  • Fixed: ReportParameter's Value property is serialized with the entered in Preview mode value
  • Fixed: Report is not loaded correctly after default values for the SQL query parameters are specified at design time
  • Fixed: Switching to Preview mode should save the report
  • Fixed: Toolbar should have button for editing style (start style builder)
  • Fixed: F4, F7, F8, F9 should toggle property browser, report, data and group explorers
  • Fixed: Select all (Ctrl+A) key binding is missing
  • Fixed: Serialization rounds the values (e.g. 0.039 is saved as 0.4)
  • Fixed: Telerik.Reporting static methods are exposed as user functions
  • Fixed: The F2 shortcut should switch to inline editor for the TextBox and HtmlTextBox


  • Fixed: DatabaseSessionConfigurator fails to start on Windows Server 2008


  • Fixed: DocumentMap root node is shown incorrectly
  • Fixed: An error occurs when processing a report referencing missing external style sheet
  • Fixed: Static groups should not be considered for the ToggleVisibilityAction execution path
  • Fixed: Text items should not have font-dependent padding


  • Fixed: Table row does not grow when a column spanned cell grows vertically

Physical Page Renderings

  • Fixed: GroupKeepTogether.FirstDetail is not respected when the Detail section contains SubReport item


  • Fixed: Shapes with transparent background are not rendered


  • Fixed: Incorrect rendering of Textbox item when grows horizontally (ex. header of a column group with child groups/docking/anchoring)
  • Fixed: Incorrect rendering preventing correct viewing in switched to accessibility view Acrobat Reader
  • Fixed: Shapes with transparent background are not rendered
  • Fixed: Navigate to URL and bookmark actions are not respected

Report Viewers

  • Fixed: The navigate to Report/Url/Bookmark actions are not respected in print preview

Report Viewer for ASP.NET

  • Fixed: Web viewer does not display anything (no report message) when there is no report
  • Fixed: An error occurs during serialization of specific reports in out-proc session
  • Fixed: An error occurs when running in medium trust
  • Fixed: The Report property cannot be set declaratively
  • Fixed: An error occurs after calling RefreshReport method in an out-proc session
  • Fixed: An error occurs when report parameter's value is an empty string and the report is used in a report book in out-proc session
  • Fixed: Parameters don't work in WebViewer when ReportBook is used
  • Fixed: Toolbar's background image is not displayed when using session with cookieless="true"

Report Viewer for Silverlight

  • Fixed: Initially set ZoomMode/Percent is not reflected in the viewer

Report Viewer for WPF

  • Fixed: Localization does not work on computers with Telerik Reporting installation
  • Fixed: "Operation was canceled" message instead of "Generating report"
  • Fixed: Number of pages string cannot be localized