JustCode (discontinued) 2011.3 1221 Version Notes

JustCode Internal Build Release Notes (v2012.1.118)


  • Test Runner: Added inconclusive test run state support in Test Runner (MbUnit v3, NUnit)
  • Test Runner: Added NUnit "TheoryAttribute" support
  • Test Runner: MbUnit v3 "TestFixtureAttribute" is now optional
  • Test Runner: MbUnit v2 and MbUnit v3 "RowAttribute" data driven tests support
  • Test Runner: MbUnit v3 "StaticFactory" and "DynamicFactory" data driven tests support
  • ToDo navigator: added "Current File" and "Current Project" filters
  • Code Style Options: "Naming Conventions" - a user can specify naming conventions for types/methods/fields/etc. for now only for C# and VB
  • Naming Conventions Warning and Fix - if a name does not match the naming convention a warning is shown and appropriate fix is given
  • Code Generation Refactorings now generate names that obey the chosen naming convention
  • Option (in JC Options\Code Style\C#\Using Directives) to put System.* namespaces on top when using refactoring "Organize and Add Missing Usings"
  • Quick-Fix: "Change Method Type" for return type - method type mismatch
  • Quick-Fix: "Change Member Type" for return type - member type mismatch
  • Quick-Fix: "Return Default Value" for return; in members that must return a value
  • Refactoring: "Convert Linq To Foreach"
  • Refactoring: "Convert Linq Extensions To Foreach Statement"
  • Formatter: Improved C# formatter


  • Fixed: Brace positions for array/object initializers and anonymous classes (in case they are on single line initially) are now reformatted before the actual wrap (only if wrap is required)
  • Fixed: Good-Code-Red: CSS: font-weight should support numbers 100, 200, 300, etc.
  • Fixed: "Go To Definition" navigates to type identifier if executed on default constructor which doesn't exist in user code
  • Fixed: MbUnit v2 ignored at runtime tests to correctly show ignored status
  • Fixed: NUnit ignored at runtime tests to correctly show ignored status
  • Fixed: Preserve Options dialog state during one Visual Studio session
  • Fixed: Quick-Fix "Add Reference and Fix Using" should not add duplicate using directive
  • MbUnit tests analysis and execution performance improvements