ProgressĀ® TelerikĀ® Reporting 5.3. 11.1116 Version Notes

What's Fixed in Telerik Reporting Q3 2011 Internal Build v5.3.11.1124

    • Fixed: PictureBox: Incorrect error message when image data is invalid
    • Fixed: Error occurs when rendering an anchored/docked item in a page section while in interactive view mode
    • Fixed: PageCount not evaluated correctly when exporting/printing/changing view mode
    • Fixed: new line characters(\r\n) are not rendered correctly
    • Fixed: An error occurs when picturebox has no value
    • Fixed: In some cases the text is clipped in IE and Firefox
    Report Viewer for Windows Forms
    • Fixed: Incorrect status message when changing ViewMode property and the Report property is not set
    • Fixed: An error occurs when changing the ViewMode property after the report is set.
    Report Viewer for ASP.NET
    • Fixed: Javascript error in Chrome