JustTrace (discontinued) 2011.2 713 Version Notes

JustTrace Internal Build (v2011.2.809) Release Notes


  • Snapshot Compare: filtered data now shows only methods with differences
  • Improved profiling of windows services
  • Improved profiling of IIS Services


  • Performance improvements for all profilers
  • Fixed exception when try to profile (F5) IIS web site with VS add-in
  • Improved auto update functionality for JustTrace Visual Studio add-in
  • Fixed: cannot profile 32-bit windows services on 64-bit Windows 2003
  • Fixed "Profile child processes" option
  • Fixed: Tracing profiler doesn't show terminated threads in snapshots
  • Fixed in Tracing profiler: "Waiting/sleeping time is included in the total time in a snapshot." Now the time is distributed to the actual executed (P/Invoke) methods